Heroes In Glass

Personalized glass and crystal are the perfect way to honor law enforcement, fire fighters, military and the medical professionals in recognition of their – graduations, promotions, awards, retirements and memorials.

About Me

Hi, my name is Robert James. "Heroes in Glass" is located in Sacramento, California. I offer custom hand etched and deep sand-blast carved glass or crystal pieces for Law Enforcement officers and departments, Fire Fighters and Fire Departments, Military and Medical personnel. Each item is personally designed and etched according to your specifications. I work with you to design a collectible piece or award that is cherished and admired forever.

My career began in emergency services working as an ambulance medic and firefighter until I became a Law Enforcement Officer in 1979. The beginning of my career, I served with the Daly City and Concord Police Department. Being that Sacramento was my home town, I returned and have served over 24 years with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. I am currently assigned to the Patrol Division as a Field Sergeant. My beautiful and loving wife, Tammy, is an ER nurse. We both understand one anothers personal and professional expectations, stresses and shift work of our careers. She has become the most supporting person in my life.


As a Peace Officer and former firefighter, I understand the stresses of those professions and sought a hobby which would afford me the opportunity to relax and share with my family. I learned to etch glass and as the love for the art grew, I learned to laser engrave and sublimate.

I have dedicated my art to the men and women who sacrifice or put their lives on the lines daily to help others. Recognized, are also the families who sacrifice for the shift work and daily stresses of their loved ones who are protecting and serving their community. Thus, I named my business, "Heroes in Glass".

My business remains small and personable. Each item personally hand sand etched, is created to the customers or departments specifications. I strive for 100% customer satisfaction. I will work with you to create a collectible piece or award that will be cherished and admired forever and handed down for generations.

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Custom Services & Payments

Personalized hand etched crystal and glass in honor of those who serve and protect!

Heroes In Glass specializes in deep-etched pieces to recognize and honor these heroes and the jobs they do for our departments and community.

It is my goal to produce personalized custom gifts or awards through thorough consultation with you or a department representative. It is my mission to create the finest pieces for each client and/or department's specifications to their satisfaction. I will consult with you, plan and design your idea whether its for one or several pieces. Prior to the piece being started, you will assist and see the layout of the design. Each piece will be unique and specific to meet your approval.


Etching and sandcarving personalizes glass or crystal permanently to create a meaningful award or art design. Glasswork or crystal sandblasting process is used to etch a graphic artwork pattern into the surface. A three-dimentional design can be carved into the glass by using a "stage-carving" technique where some parts of an image or pattern are carved deep into the glass while others are carved shallow or only surface etched or frosted. This can be time consuming and intricate depending upon the staged carving and detail of the piece being carved.


I will personally consult with you about the vision, design and layout for one or more glass or crystal pieces that you or your department have. All artwork and font layout will be drafted to be unique and specific to meet your approval. Approval by you or your department will be done prior to the piece being etched.


The price of each crystal or glass piece includes all set-up, wording and artwork. If I do not have the logo, patch, badge or artwork on file, I will draw it out at no additional charge.

Please provide me a copy of the specific logo, patch, badge or artwork in "Vector" line-art format if possible. Your department may already have it on file for letter-head use. Black and white is fine. The higher DPI resolution, the better.


Contact me anytime at 1-916-996-5173 for additional questions regarding the artwork needed.

Payment Method!


Capture in Glass, Crystal, or other, Mementos, Awards, or Gifts to Honor Those Who Serve & Protect Every Day.


For clarification, feel free to call me at 1-916-996-5173 or email HEROES IN GLASS

  • LAPD Piano Finish Black
  • LEO Memorial Piano Finish Rose
  • SFPD Piano Finish Rose
  • RCPD Piano Finish Rosewood
  • Folsom FD LED Matt McGee
  • Weber Sky Master Satellite

Glass and Clear Crystal

  • Blue Edge Crystal on Blue Base
  • Cut Glass
  • Picture & Glass
  • Cut Glass
  • Rose Plaque
  • Black Plaque
  • Blue Clear LED
  • Crystal Clear Plaque & Base
  • Clipped Corners
  • Rose Humidor Box
  • Wood Humidor Box
  • Rose Plaque & Clear Glass
  • Glass (no handle)
  • Rose Base Clear Crystal LED
  • Crystal Base & Plaque


  • Tall Mug with Handle
  • Tall Mug with Handle
  • Glass (no handle)
  • Small Mug with Handle
  • Small Mug with Handle
  • Glass (no handle)
  • Small Mug with Handle
  • Tall Mug with Handle
  • Tall Mug with Handle
  • Tall Mug with Handle
  • Tall Mug with Handle
  • Tall Mug with Handle


When selecting items from "HEROES IN GLASS" product catalog shown below, please reference the name piece displayed.

When selecting LED Light Bases pricing: 7" x 9" & 8" x 10" LED Lit Glass Presentation Pieces $130.00 & $160.00 respectively. This includes either red or black piano finish LED wood base.)

For clarification, feel free to call me at 1-916-996-5173 or email HEROES IN GLASS

Glassplax (Piece Prices) (Price Includes Setup & Sandblasted Artwork)


Thank you for your interest! Please complete this form with as much detail as possible about your project. You can also reach "Heros In Glass" by calling 1-916-996-5173 or by mail at P.O. Box 2109 Orangevale, CA 95662, with any additional details or questions. We look forward to hearing from you.